DRMC IT CLUB is excited to announce the launch of “Sheikh Jamal Innovation Grant” . This initiative aims to serve as a catalyst, inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

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ICT Divison presents 7th DRMC International Tech Carnival 2024
DRMC IT Club's


Since 2016, chatters went on to create a club inside Dhaka Residential Model College which could serve the desires of thousands of students & enrich their skills in Information Technology. Lucky for HSC Batch 2018, we had that ambition & workforce to create a fully functional IT Club in Dhaka Residential Model College. At the beginning of 2017, the foundation & logistical process of creating DITC got into motion. Along with the help of our moderators and ICT Department of Dhaka Residential Model College, everything processed really fast. The official birthdate of DITC is 22 February, 2017. DITC’s official opening ceremony took place on the morning of Monday, 31 July 2017. College officials, students and our Honorable Ex. Principal Brigadier General Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan sir was present during the ceremony. Finally our beloved DRMC IT CLUB was born with ambitions being high and with a view to make this club the best tech club in the whole country.

Goals & Objectives

Enthusing Tech-Savvy Students

There is an abundance of tech-savvy and enthusiastic students in the country, they all have potential. Some of them have used their potential to the fullest and some are struggling since they don’t have the correct resources. This club made these high-tech resources accessible to the students of DRMC.

Recognation of Skills

Any student can participate in the events and get a proper recognition of their skills. Rewards like huge prize pool, gadgets, certificates, crests and so on inspires students to focus on their skills. Which ultimately helps them to become more skillful and this leads to a better career.


Students across the county participates in the events. DRMC IT Club facilitated the network between these people. Networking is a crucial determinant in people’s careers and lives. This not only helps DRMC students with potential but also others of such calibers.


We have 8 sectors to host events and operate club's functionality


Information booth and management of the activities club room.

Project Display

Project display, wall magazine, scrapbook, website display and so on.


The opening, closing, cosplay, seminars, prize giving and other activities of the auditorium.


Multiplayer and E-sports Lan tournament. Like Valorant, FIFA, NFS and so on.


Website design, competitive programming, app development and other events related to computer programming.


Events related to robotics and artificial intelligence. Like Robo Soccer and Line Following Robot.

Olympiad & Quiz

Team Quiz • Book Based Quiz • Robo Quiz • Gaming Quiz • Pop Sci-Fi Quiz • Anime Quiz • Marvel/DC Quiz • TV Series Quiz • Potterhead Quiz

Digital Art Display

Digital art is a term used to describe art that is made or presented using digital technology. Showcase your digital arts in a frame.



Information Technology and it’s practices are essential in developing the productivity of students
across all age and platform. That is why, every year we organize a Tech Carnival on the premises
of DRMC campus.

Brigadier General Kazi Shameem Farhad, ndc, psc



The partaking of students across all renowned institutes and colleges from around all parts of our country makes me delighted and it is certainly a matter of joy to have these talented students take part in this great occasion.

Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP

State Minister Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology



Rasel Ahmed

Club Moderator
Lecturer at Dhaka Residential Model College
Aiyesha Anwar

Aiyesha Anwar

Co Moderator
Lecturer at Dhaka Residential Model College

Mohammad Nurunnabi

Club Co-ordinator
Lecturer at Dhaka Residential Model College

Asique Iqbal

Member Secretary
Lecturer at Dhaka Residential Model College

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Agenda of the club

DRMC IT Club urges students to push themselves to the next limit, this ultimately helps them realize their true potential. This habit is a must for a successful career. This process has unlocked countless skills among the youth. Such skills not only make a person’s resume strong but also their work ethic.