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Don’t fix bugs later; fix them now. – Steve Maguire. DRMC IT Club brings a new event for the programmers. Which is “Crack the Code”. All you have to do is find the bug in the provided pseudo code. Just debug and fix the bug and the glory will be yours.


Rules and regulations:

• The authority will provide the pseudo code.

• The fastest one to fix the bug will be considered as champion and so on. 

• Top 3 position holders will be awarded.

• In case of judging, the authority’s decision will be final.

• Participants are not allowed to access any resources from internet.

• Participants are not allowed to bring any resources which contains any code.

• If any kind of suspicious act is found, it may result in disqualification.

• The authority reserves the rights to change any decision according to the need & demand, the authority’s decision will be final.


For further information about the events, please contact:
Muhtasim Zaman Mahim
Programming Secretary
Phone- 01770597122
Crack The Code

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