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Who didn’t love to see the FIFA WC in the hands of Messi! Football freaks, time to show your love for the game in the upcoming 7th DRMC International Tech Carnival 2024!

Fifa Fiesta

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DRMC IT CLUB proudly unveils the grandest tech event of the year – ICT Division Presents 7th DRMC International Tech Carnival 2024
Rules & Regulations :
– Participants must carry their student ID card as a token of identification to enter the carnival venue and participate.
– Participating students must hold their ID card to collect a token of participation and prizes.
– The authority holds all rights to subject rules to change as per necessity.
– Participants have to attend the events in due time; any attempts at the wrong time will not be tolerated.
– The decisions given by respective judges will be final. No complaints regarding any event will be taken into consideration.
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